Mantra Therapy

Mantra therapy is a unique and wonderful form of therapy in which mantra, or sound vibration in the form seed sounds called bijaksharas, are used to directly work with an individual’s subtle and physical bodies.  Eastern philosophy teaches that we are comprised of sound, which is very similar to modern physics idea of string theory.
Each chakra in the body is made up of specific sound vibrations in the form of bijaksharas, or bijas.  There are 50 total petals on the chakras, which comprise the first 6 chakras of the body; the 7th or crown chakra is a repetition of these 50 bijas, times 20 each (20 x 50 = 1000 petals of the crown chakra).  Combining these bijas and their specific sound vibrations in different ways comprises the entire subtle body system, which in turn has formed the physical body.  Whenever pain or illness is present in the physical body, it is present in the subtle body first.  Disease and other forms of imbalance work their way into the subtle body, then eventually down into the physical body itself.  By targeting the sound structure directly, with the bijas that are used to comprise it, these subtle imbalances are brought into order, allowing the body to release the manifestations of pain or disease.  Each bija works directly on a specific part of a specific chakra with a specific energy.  As such, by releasing stuck energetic blockages, results can be seen in the physical body as well as in the mind and emotions.
Repetitions of certain bija mantras are said to even destroy a person’s karma, because you are eliminating the karma directly from the subtle body.  Mantra therapy is a very precise art; it has been used as a part of Ayurvedic therapy and by spiritual teachers for a very long time.  Use of mantra is also one of the quickest ways to teach a person how to concentrate and meditate effectively.  For one who knows enough of this subtle science, the root vibratory pattern of the body and spirit can be identified.  When the proper bija is used during meditation, through time and practice it can take a person deeply into the core of their innermost Being.
Mantra can esoterically be used for a variety of reasons; health and well-being is only one way in which this science is used.  Mantra can be used to effect change in any area of the psyche: to eliminate fear, jealousy, depression, anxiety, general inertia and much more.  Mantra is also one of the most powerful and direct ways of awakening the Kundalini Shakti within the body.  Because of this, great care must be exercised when using mantra.
We help people to use mantra for a variety of reasons.  In a mantra therapy session, the subtle body is gently cleared and any areas of blockage are identified.  From here, specific vibrations (bijas) are used  to help remove these blockages.  In certain cases, the bijas are awakened and established within the subtle body of the person undergoing treatment.  When a person learns to establish the specific frequencies most in alignment with their core nature, everything in life can shift, making way for a person to live their destiny.

Note: Mantra Therapy or any form of mantra practice is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any ailment and is not to be taken as a replacement for medical guidance from a qualified medical professional.


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