Pranic Face Lift Rejuvenation & Body Sculpting


Lose The Lines On Your Face, Without Surgical Procedure! 

What is a Pranic Face Lift?

Pranic Face Lifts (also called Pranic Facial Rejuvenation) is a non-touch, no-pain, non-surgical approach to looking healthier and younger. We aim to remove the unhealthy energies on the face that could be causing rapid aging, discoloration, dark circles or other problems. These energies are usually from stress, aging, painful psychological experiences, diet, cosmetics, pollution etc. After a Pranic Face Lift treatment the face feels light, fresh and radiant. Any feelings of stress or unhealthy emotions, insecurities, low self-confidence are replaced with inner peace, joy, love etc.
Candidates for these procedures see the most rapid results when:

  • You are in good health
  • You are receptive to the techniques
  • You follow the recommended sessions and guidelines

What should I expect from a Pranic Facial Rejuvenation Session?

Pranic Face Lift sessions are 1 hour. We will  identify the target areas needing work. As well, we will check all the chakras and energy body to determine what is the quality of energy (emotional/physical/diet etc) that is causing the problem. The client sits upright in a chair and is guided in focusing on the breath. After each session we will discuss the details of the treatment. Each client will receive a FREE sample meditation cd and trial size Pranic facial products to continue the benefits of the healing session.

 “No Inner Peace – No Beauty” ~GMCKS

How does one maintain the work done during the Pranic Facial Rejuvenation?

To maintain the glow and radiance of the face it is highly recommended that one switches to cleaner cosmetics.  The chemicals and preservatives in these products build up as dirty energy on the face. This quality of energy can cause the skin to rapidly age. If you are concerned with the quality of your products you can bring them to the healing session and we will scan them to make sure they are working in your best interest.

If you are looking for high quality health care products please let me know. We work with a very nice line of products from one of our Senior Pranic Healing teachers in New York. Her products will continue the benefits of the Facial Rejuvenation in between the sessions and literally bring the light back to the face.

It is also recommended that one does not wash nor touch their face for 12-24 hours after the session to allow the healing process to take place.

How many treatments will it take?

The number of Pranic Facial Rejuvenation treatments will depend on a few factors.

1. The clients receptivity. It is very important that the person receiving the treatment is very receptive and open to the process. If there are any doubts or resistance, please let the pranic healer know so those can be removed before the facial treatment begins.

2. The severity of the issue. If the issue is emotional in nature, ie. stress, anger, depression etc. Several treatments will be needed. We will work together to rejuvenate the face as well as remove any stress energies in the rest of the body/mind so true healing can occur.

How does one speed up the process?

If you are dedicated to the process and want to speed up the results of the Facial Rejuvenation,  it is highly recommend to do a guided meditation called Meditation on Twin Hearts. This is a beautiful meditation on blessing the planet. By doing this meditation regularly one experiences greater peace, more love, kindness and greater understanding. It has a healing effect on the energy body, physical body and mind. The face reflects our inner environment so naturally as we come to a greater place of love our face has but no choice to radiate that to those around us.
Guidelines to get the most from your
Pranic Face Lift session?

Thank you for experiencing the Pranic HealingĂ’ FaceLift system, we sincerely hope that you feel wonderful after your session.  Remember that just like any other procedure that you have whether at the dentist or from surgery there is a follow-up protocol to ensure that you maximize the work done.

Pranic Facial or Energy Beauty Treatment provides the essential elements of facial skin care but in the context of a touch-less energy healing.  By our results, we have won over volunteers who otherwise would have used Botox collagen injection or surgical facelift.  Our wish is to have every person add the Pranic Facial Program to their present facial skincare regimen.  The Pranic Facial Program is a safe, simple alternative approach in the hope of achieving a wrinkle-free, stress-free and youthful looking face.

Here are a few recommendations we make to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from the cleansing and facial rejuvenation healing you received.  These few suggestions will help the face and your overall body to maintain long lasting effects and they are:

  • Do NOT shower or wash your face for 24 hours after the session.
  • Take a bath with salt the next day following your session using 2 pounds of salt.
  • Take a salt bath at least twice per week, using at least 2 pounds of salt.
  • It is necessary to continue with your follow-up sessions as recommended by your practitioner.
  • Please call us or your practitioner with any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Meditate using "Meditation for Peace and Illumination" at least once per week. For the best results meditate with the tape or CD daily.
  • Remember participating with maintenance after your scheduled sessions is recommended for best long lasting results.

Pranic Weight Loss & Body Sculpting

Look, Feel, and Be your sexiest using Pranic Body Sculpting.
Its benefits:
No surgery
No post surgery complication
No touch
No drugs
No lotions
Immediate Results
Helps heal emotional trauma
Can be done —- anywhere at anytime
How can Pranic Healing help me lose weight?

Pranic Healing can help one lose weight by regulating the appetite, removing excessive cravings for food and sugar, removing negative emotional energy that may be contributing to the weight gain, as well as increasing one’s will power. Also, in a Weight Loss Session we cleanse the fat cells to help the body lose weight faster.

What kind of commitment is involved?

To accelerate the weight loss, I strongly suggest that the client commits to a 6 week process. Everyone heals at a different pace. Sometimes results are seen immediately, sometimes it make take a few sessions. Choosing to commit to the full six weeks would include:

-Weight Loss healings twice a week for 6 weeks.

-a diet based on moderation and balance

-Exercise. I suggest doing the 5 Tibetan rites every day. These 5 exercises are very powerful and only take a few minutes a day. Yoga, swimming, walking would also work too.

-Meditation. It is strongly suggested that the client does the Twin Hearts Meditation every day to accelerate the weight loss.

What does the Pranic Healing weight loss healing include?

The full 6 week program includes a FREE meditation cd, diet guideline, and an overview of the 5 Tibetan Rites. These exercises or ‘rites’ generate a tremendous amount of life force for the physical body.

The exercises have a wide array of benefits including strengthening the physical body, increasing creativity and balancing sex drive, as well as bringing a tremendous amount of life force or Prana to various organs and systems of the body. These simple exercises take only a few minutes a day and in general help the body stay youthful and strong.
These techniques utilize universal life force and a specialized crystal.  They require little or no touch.  Receiving these techniques several times can also help with stress reduction and allow the recipient to feel more energized in daily life.


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