Astrological Predictions/Counselling/Remedies - 699/- MUR

Treatment Costs

Integrated Therapies [Most Recommended- Opted by 80% of our clients]-  599/- MUR  Per Session only

We integrate best of all therapies to suit our client's requirement. Mostly a typical integrated therapy session includes pranic healing, Crystal healing, EFT, Sound therapy, Moxibustion, Acupressure, Magnet, Sujok, Seed, Colour therapy, Mudra, Reiki, Aroma etc.
What more one can expect! Best deal for anyone, anytime.

EFT-  700/- MUR For first session. 200/- Subsequest sessions.

Sujok, Acupressure 250/- MUR per session.

Hypnotherapy- 500/- MUR  per session

Past Life Regression- 999/- MUR 

PranicHealing-  500/- MUR per session.

Reiki300/- MUR per session

CrystalHealing- 200/- MUR per session.

MagnetTherapy- 200/-MUR  per session

ColourTherapy- 200/- MUR per session

Bach Flower Therapy- Depending upon medicine costing + Counselling Fee.

Ayurveda- Depending upon medicine costing + Counselling Fee.

AngelTherapy- 200/- MUR Per Session

SoundTherapy- 200/- MUR Per Session

Cord-Cutting in Relationships [Relationship Healing] -  499/- MUR Per session

AuraTherapy -  400/- MUR per session

Class Room Study and Practical Courses-

[Certificate Courses]

Meditation- 500/- Per Session [Peace Meditation ]

EFT- 9,999/- MUR

Mudra Therapy- 9,999/-MUR

AngelTherapy- 9,999/- MUR

Third Eye- 9,999/-MUR

Tarot- 14,999/- MUR
Sound Therapy- 7,999MUR

Colour Therapy- 9,999/-MUR

Palmistry- 9,999/-MUR

Healing Levels- 

Level 1-2 7,499/- MUR

Level 3 - 7,000/- MUR

Level 4 - 7,000/- MUR

Level 5- 7,000/- MUR

Level 1- 7,000/-MUR 

Level 2 - 7,000/-MUR 

Level 3 - 7,000/- MUR 

Level 4- 7,000/- MUR 

MagnetTherapy- 9,999/-MUR

Basic- 9,999/-MUR

Advance- 9,999/-MUR

Reflexology- 9,999/-MUR

Pendulum Dowsing-  4,999/- MUR 

Hypnotherapy- 9,999/-MUR

Past life Regression- 9,999/-MUR

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